With Julie’s input and collaboration over the past 6 years, I have become much better equipped to overcome business barriers, save time and money, and present my business to the public in highly professional manner. She was an integral part of turning my vision into a successful online business program by taking my audio recordings and PowerPoint files and creating easy-to-follow, professional, online videos and setting up all facets of the program on my custom-designed LINUX website. These days – it essentially runs itself! To say she is versatile is a tremendous understatement! Wearing many hats, she is adaptable, knowledgeable and skillful at research, technology, troubleshooting, project management, video editing and production, and especially in providing team and client support. Having Julie is like having an entire team of people wrapped into one person. It’s such a rare opportunity to find someone who treats your business as well as they would treat their own. With competency, initiative, reliability, resourcefulness and a tendency toward innovation, she is one of the greatest assets your growing business can ever have! This lady has the heart and drive that makes a difference in everything she does!”
Cindi Williams (Client since 2009)

Business Trainer | Change Practitioner | Transition Coach Qualified Clinical Supervisor | Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling-Supervisor , Global Alignment Coaching

Lauren Pibworth (Client since 2014)

Pibworth Professional Solutions

“Julie Hoflin, Your Versatile VA, is where talent, business acumen and professionalism intersect – it just doesn’t get any better than that. Julie has assisted me with a number of varied technical projects and has always delivered over-the-top results. I trust her to work directly with clients on my behalf and they are always thrilled – not only with her work, but also the insightful strategies and recommendations she offers them as well. Julie is committed to doing nothing less than a quality job, is highly reliable and brings to everything a level of integrity that is impressive. My advice – just hire her!”
Deb Exel

Owner/President, Gruntwerx Virtual Workforce

“Thankful and relieved are what I am each time I work with Julie. My daytimes are more peaceful and I sleep better at night because of this proactive, dynamic and competent woman and her amazing skillset. The first thing Julie did when she became my Virtual Assistant was to lower my stress level by setting up my business shopping cart. Not only does Julie work quickly, independently and efficiently – she knows what she’s doing, and if she doesn’t know something, she’ll make a point of finding out. Any time Julie has worked with me on a project, she will tap into her breadth of experience to improve upon processes and make suggestions on the options available to me. One of the things I love about Julie is the fact that she cares about me and ensures that I’m supported in the best way possible.”
Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil

Scientific Hand Analyst, Purpose Mastery

Her name says it all.  Julie is VERSATILE.  She is fast, professional, quick to find errors I missed and conscientious about coming up with creative ways to do things better.  My brochures and course materials look 100% more professional. Julie is the best VA I’ve ever had. Fast, accurate, creative, reliable, patient, really knows her stuff. I rate her A-1″
Joyanne Landers - Client since 2009 (Retired 2024)

Workshop Facilitator, Leadership Trainer and Team Building Coach, Elephant Ears Training

As a speaker and facilitator, I was forced to do the “Covid Pivot” and begin providing my workshops online.  I’ll admit that digging a ditch had more appeal.  

With her exceptional technical skills and her extraordinary patience, Julie held my hand each step of the way.

Now, a year and a half later, I have a successful online business.

Joyanne Landers

Speaker & Facilitator, Elephant Ears Training Ltd. (2021)

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