Some approach adding a course, membership, community, store, funnel, or all-in-one system as a Project. Carrying out each step individually, over the course of weeks or months – often with breaks as each milestone is achieved.

The appeal is  breaking it down into Small ‘digestible’ bites as a method of managing the overwhelm while compartmentalizing the steps to reach the end goal.

More and more however, taking a “just get ‘er done.” approach is gaining popularity. Could it be because we put so much on hold for over 2 years?  Or is it simply deciding it’s time to jump right in with both feet.


    • Proper in-depth preparation before we begin to “get ‘er done.”
    • Custom-tailored solutions for your exact business vision.  Whether we are planning or executing – it’s all about YOU!
    • Access to years of expertise, many, many lessons learned along the way, as well as future planning guidance
    • A full-on commitment from you to get it done.


    • A typical “Done For You” service offering.  I’d even go so far as to say this is the exact opposite of one.
    • Although I do have a number of recommended tools, what’s right for one, or that happens to be a favourite of mine- can be oh so wrong for another.


As a speaker and facilitator, I was forced to do the “Covid Pivot” and begin providing my workshops online.  I’ll admit that digging a ditch had more appeal.  

With her exceptional technical skills and her extraordinary patience, Julie held my hand each step of the way.  

Now, a year and a half later, I have a successful online business.

Joyanne Landers

Speaker & Facilitator, Elephant Ears Training Ltd.


    • You definitely don’t consider yourself a “techie”
    • You’re almost ready to add a funnel, course, training program, courses, membership platform or community to your business OR you need to migrate from one platform to another – but you are still in the very early stages of this process
    • You’ve been trying to get this done for some time, but ‘all the things’  just led to further procrastination
    • Every time you started researching next steps, nothing was accomplished beyond a significantly heightened anxiety level
    • You’ve asked for recommendations, but all that did was overwhelm you even more. Everyone has their favourite…..
    • Almost every ‘recommendation’ arrived in the form of an affiliate link, so you’re not completely sure who to trust or what to believe


Upon the conclusion of your  Overwhelm to Clarity session, you’ll have clear direction on the best choices for your unique situation, the reasons WHY they’re the right choices for you and how to proceed next.  


    • You’ve done all your research & choices have been finalized. You’re ready to really dive in and get all the pieces, processes and communications mapped out
    • You have existing systems in place but you don’t understand  what they are, how they’re working, or what to do in a worst case scenario.  (i.e. total system failure)  It’s time for that to change.
    • The tech. Ugh. Truth be told – it makes your head spin. But you also know, you NEED to fully understand what’s happening in your business as well as WHY and HOW it’s happening.
    • You’re ready to put it all together and want a guiding hand to help you do it right and get all of your questions answered at the same time
    • You’re looking to have processes, funnels and Standard Operating Procedures mapped out and fully documented (Video, visual and/or written)


Upon the completion of your  Processes through Planning session, you’ll have every single step and piece of your new system launch, or you now have your existing systems fully mapped out, fully audited for efficiency, all while ensuring future plans have been properly prepared for.

Perhaps this better describes your current situation?

    • Your planning is complete. It’s time to implement!!! 
    • Your processes are all mapped out and fully defined
    • You’ve purchased and/or subscribed to everything you needed.
    • All the pieces are there – you just need the puzzle put together with a play-by-play of exactly how it was done
    • You don’t have the ________ [time/knowledge/desire/fill in your word here] to implement these systems and processes on your own – but you still want to understand everything that’s done and have everything completely mapped out for you.


Upon the completion of your  Implement and Empower Session(s), your systems, membership, course or store launch will be running like the well-oiled machine you need it to be. Every element and process is fully documented, and you now have Standard Operating Procedures that have been rigorously tested and fully in place for you and your team.

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