Some approach adding a course, membership, community, or all-in-one system as a Project. Carrying out each step individually, over the course of weeks or months – often with breaks as each milestone is achieved.

The appeal is  breaking it down into Small ‘digestible’ bites as a method of managing overwhelm while reaching the end goal.

More and more however, taking a “just get ‘er done.” approach is gaining popularity. Could it be because we put so much on hold for almost 2 years?  Or is it simply deciding it’s time to jump right in with both feet.


    • Proper in-depth preparation before we begin to “get ‘er done.”
    • Custom-tailored solutions for your exact business vision.  Whether we are planning or executing – it’s all about YOU!
    • Access to years of expertise, many, many lessons learned, and future planning guidance
    • A full-on commitment from you to get it done.


    • A typical “Done For You” service offering.  I’d even go so far as to say this is the exact opposite of one.
    • Although I do have a number of recommended tools, what’s right for one, or that happens to be a favourite of mine- can be oh so wrong for another.



    • You definitely don’t consider yourself a “techie”
    • You’re almost ready to add a course, training program, membership or community to your business OR you need to migrate from one platform to another – but you are still in the very early stages of this process
    • You’ve been trying to get this done for some time, but ‘all the things’  just led to further procrastination
    • Every time you started researching next steps, nothing was accomplished beyond a significantly heightened anxiety level 
    • You’ve asked for recommendations, but all that did was overwhelm you even more. Everyone has their favourite…..
    • Almost every ‘recommendation’ arrived in the form of an affiliate link, so you’re not completely sure who to trust or what to believe


    • You’ve done all your research & choices have been finalized. You’re ready to really dive in and get all the pieces, processes and communications mapped out
    • You have existing systems in place but you don’t understand  what they are, how they’re working, or what to do in a worst case scenario.  (i.e. total system failure)  It’s time for that to change.
    • The tech. Ugh. Truth be told – it makes your head spin. But you also know, you NEED to fully understand what’s happening.
    • You’re ready to put it all together and want a guiding hand to help you do it right and get all of your questions answered at the same time
    • You’re looking to have processes, funnels and Standard Operating Procedures mapped out and fully documented (Video, visual and/or written)

Perhaps this better describes your current situation?

    • Your planning is complete. It’s time to implement!!! 
    • Your processes are all mapped out and fully defined
    • You’ve purchased and/or subscribed to everything you needed.
    • All the pieces are there – you just need the puzzle put together with a play-by-play of exactly how it was done
    • You don’t have the ________ [time/knowledge/desire/?] to implement these systems and processes on your own – but you still want to understand everything that’s done