The Anti-Cookie-Cutter Approach

Authentic, experienced mentoring

The Coaching social media posts and sales pages are everywhere.

Earn $6-7-8 figures in your business with ease in 6 months or less!  What they aren’t telling you, is their actual cost to reach that income level.  Net income is never mentioned, let alone discussed. And typically this number is drastically different from the 6+ figure celebration on display.

Abundance is, of course, always welcome. The longer I am in business for myself, the clearer it becomes that abundance presents itself in many forms.  I have always been of the “Enough is as good as a feast” mindset, and continuously strive to attract multiple streams of abundance into my life.

Perhaps your primary goal is working part-time while the kids are in school, or working while you travel, or you’d like to supplement disability or pension income.  Maybe you’re preparing to transition from full-time employment in the not too distant future, and you want to get your business off the ground now. Or maybe – you are looking to build your business first as a solo, with a goal of expanding to include a team in future.


What you don’t want:

  • A template “business-in-a-box” that blends in with all the others exactly like it
  • To jump on the master re-sell rights fad that is absolutely everywhere these days (Pyramid scheme anyone?)
  • To use someone else’s cookie-cutter vision or approach for YOUR business

YOUR primary goal is the perfect business for YOU.

As someone who started my business after being deemed unemployable after a car accident (yet not quite disabled enough to qualify for support/benefits), I needed to create a business with the skills I already possessed. For my mental health, it needed to also be something I enjoyed. And finally, it needed to provide me with the flexibility to respect my injuries while serving my clients to their complete satisfaction.

Chronic conditions are unpredictable. They want you to believe that you don’t have any ability to negotiate with them.  But the real truth is – you have more power than you think.  Choosing the correct business model for you not only provides the ability to both manage AND work WITH it, it also affords you the ability to meet the needs of all parties.

I started by selecting a main service offering that made the most sense for my specific situation.  Then I chose a couple more that complemented the first one beautifully. The result? Long-term, stable, client relationships and consistent referrals where all that’s required is a compatibility and project timing check.

I’ve experienced some really fantastic years.  But there have been others laden with one type of challenge after another. That, my friends, is life.  That is what being a business owner is really about. If the pandemic taught us anything – it’s that life has a tendency to get in the way.

But you already knew that because you live it every day.

When a chronic condition, injury or illness is thrown into the equation, there are unique factors and challenges that most business owners never have to face.


  • Has the time come for you to take the steps to build the exact right business for you?
  • Are you done with all of the cookie-cutter solutions that were nothing but empty promises?
  • Let’s explore the business idea that already exists inside of you, and get you on the road to ‘Chronic Success’

Step one is making sure we’re the right fit.