The most-often asked questions I see regularly on social media are some variation of:

  • What’s the best online course platform?
  • What do you use for your online courses and community?
  • Which email marketing application is best?
  • I need to set up a self-hosted membership – what do you recommend?
  • I want an all-in-one platform – which one do you use?

Most of the answers provided are either:  

  • The latest, ‘most amazing’ of lifetime deals
  • Something that has made them thousands in commissions in just a few short days or even hours (and you can too!)
  • What people hear mentioned most often, when these types of questions are asked, or
  • The platform or tool that pays out the most in affiliate commissions. (And may not do what you need it to at all)

That last one is a much higher percentage than you think.

How do we know that?

Because these same groups are ALSO filled with posts like these…. 


Is this recommendation because they feel it’s a high-quality solution FOR MY NEEDS, or because of the commission?

The first step is making sure we’re a good fit. When that fit is right – it’s positively magic!

Am I an affiliate for some of the tools, platforms, solutions etc., I recommend?


But, the only way you’ll receive an affiliate link for one of them is if YOU ASK ME FOR IT.


Any recommendation(s) provided are because they’re a potential solution that meets your needs. That is my sole motivation.