Are basic research techniques not taught in school anymore? 

Or is this just simply one of the many victims of the “instant gratification generation.”

This may very well be a “generational rant” so I’ll provide a small apology to start off.  I am genuinely interested in the answers to these questions.

And I realize full well as I post this, that I sound just like my Grandparents telling  a story….”When I was your age – we had to walk 10 miles – all uphill…..” we have all heard one variation of that story or another! 

Here goes mine.

When I was in school, the Internet did not yet exist.  Thank goodness we’d moved beyond relying on Microfiche, but “Mr. Google” was a long, long way from being invented.

If you didn’t have a newish set of encyclopedias in yours’ or a close friend’s home – you had to rely on the library to complete research.  Old fashioned, tactile, hands-on, research.  Hours were spent in the school or public library.  The Librarian – a professional degree by the way – was your best resource of where to start, or where to look next. That, and actually taking the time to interview people who were experienced in the topic on which you were researching, in order to get their perspective on things.

I think the reason I’m so easily frustrated is because I experienced what “research” was back in the 80’s and early 90’s before computers were part of every household, let alone held in your hand. Even the early-2000’s before wifi, and all of the technological  advances we have at our disposal today – research required effort (and sometimes actual legwork!)

So now, when it’s as easy as typing a question into a search field, is not taking that quick initial step nothing more than outright laziness?  Or is there more to it?

So my big question is this:

Why does it seem the ability to do even a simple Google search on one’s own has simply disappeared?

Why must some people go into an online group, create a post and then wait for someone to answer them (and perhaps incorrectly), when they could have so easily been redirected within 3 seconds by performing the most basic of searches?


If you consider yourself “research-challenged” please help me to understand…..why is going into a FaceBook or other forum/group and posing your question a better route to take?  

I would love to hear your feedback!