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Services & Rates



  • Template Creation
  • Word Processing 
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Proof-reading/Editing
  • Large document formatting
  • Procedural Manuals
  • Presentations (PowerPoint, PresenterMedia)
  • Internet Research


  • Video Creation - Camtasia (including from PowerPoint)
  • Audio Editing
  • PDF Forms
  • 1Shopping Cart (Certified) 
  • Infusionsoft experience
  • Wordpress editing and maintenance
  • Virtual Event Planning (i.e. Webinars, Webcasts, Virtual Conferences, Product Launches)
  • Experienced in GoToMeeting, InstantTeleseminar, Audio Acrobat, GoToWebinar, Webex, EasyWebinar


As with many service industries, rates vary depending on the level of services needed.  A number of the services offered by Your Versatile VA involve ongoing training, and that's why I consider myself an expert in my field. I, along with the VA on my team bill out on either a retainer-based or project-based system.  Please contact me to get a personalized quotation.

There are numerous factors that must be considered when calculating the rates for a qualified VA: 

  • YOUR VERSATILE VA has fully equipped offices and takes care of all business-related expenses so you don’t need to worry about paying for:
        • office space
        • additional equipment
        • government related source deductions, taxes, etc.
        • down time, vacation pay, etc.
  • YOUR VERSATILE VA has over 20 years experience to offer in a wide variety of areas, so there is no need for you to spend valuable time training.
  • YOUR VERSATILE VA is professional and offers exceptional customer service.
  • YOUR VERSATILE VA is available on an 'as-needed' basis, so you can get the help you need WHEN you need it (and ONLY when you need it) and not have to worry about finding enough for them to do 8 hours a day when you don't.
  • YOUR VERSATILE VA is only a phone call, skype chat or email away!
  • YOUR VERSATILE VA has a variety of payment options including Retainer Agreements - contact me to find out more. 

The bottom line is - YOUR VERSATILE VA is a business - just as you are, and thus has a vested interest in your overall success.   If you succeed - then I have done my job well - which is my ultimate goal!

Payment Methods:

OUR VERSATILE VA has a variety of available payment methods.  Most clients find that PayPal is the most convenient method of payment especially for virtual business owners because the client's credit card information is kept confidential, and it's a way to pay instantly without any additional fees being charged to the client.

Payments can also be made by cheque, PayPal direct (account to account) or cash.


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